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I am currently doing design for a new womens weekly. As I have used GillSans troughout it (had to choose something from Bitstream basic set of fonts :-(( ) I figured, to keep it simple, I could use it in masthead as well. However, the planned name of the mag is 'Marta', and the rt combination in Gill is as bad as it can get. So I tried to improve it. Does it look convincing?



And just how one gets access to start a new thread in the Design section?

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Try making the "r" beak and the "t" crossbar a single stroke or maybe slicing the "r" beak with the "t" diagonal that connects the stem with the crossbar on the top.

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I have tried to like Gill. And I just don't. It is ugly. But it's what you've got. So:


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Maija, since its a one word logo try crashing the letters together and where they overlap knockout the letter forms. This would make it a graphic and not type. It might be more interesting than redesigning the two characters.

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Gill Sans's ugliness (I agree, Randy) comes in large part from that "a". Maija, I'd say make a monocular "a" for the logo. Also, I like your new "t", but the original "r" was better. Lastly, the "M" is too big and heavy - so you could try simply scaling it down a bit.


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Consider syntax? Its gives that gill impression, without leaving the bad taste in your mouth. :-)
At least I think so.

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Kyle, a pity indeed, but I don't have syntax :-( All in all, I needed a sans family with many variations to use for many purposes (regular, bold, xtrabold, condensed etc) and had to choose basically from helvetica, frutiger, franklin, gill, eurostile, futura and zurich. as the first three are already terribly overused in our local press, and the latter three don't quite convey feeling of a womens magazine, I went for gill. Purchasing any new typefaces wasn't considered at all.

Hector, I really didn't want a beak on the r, as it makes it seem more like Manta (which has a completely different meaning in our language :D ).

I need a very clear, clean, simple masthead, as the mag is targeted to an average medium-low income woman of 25-55, city AND country (hey, we have only about 1.5 mln women in total here (including newborn babies), have to grab what we can), so I can't use anything any of them would consider 'modern' or 'extreme' or 'repelling' or whatever. But I still want it to be well done.

Anyway, I tried to follow Hrant's directions and here is what I came up with.

I liked the serifs of the 'a', as without them the 'a' looked too 'futura' type geometric, so I decided to leave them. Also the old 'r' is back and the 't' is slashed to match the angle of the 'r' (mh.. still haven't learned the names of all those various letter parts :-( ).

Thank you all for advice :-)

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I like it. The tail on the "a" is great! Just the outside countour is shaky: bring the top&bottom apexes to the right - flatten out the curves.

Two more things:
- The "M" is still too dark.
- There's a huge gap between the "r" and "t". In a sans there's not too much you can do, but try: making the "r" narrower; and giving the whole more letterspacing.


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Well this is much better, those lc "a" look very femmenine and handsome. I am wondering what if the "M" middle strokes touched the floor.

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The change to the _lowercase r_ seems subtle enough, but the changes to the _lowercase t_ aren't quite right, althought I've always wondered about the _lowercase t_ that is part of the font. Maybe a little wider? Perhaps you could modify the _cap M_ too ... a little narrower?

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