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An OpenType font I've created isn't displaying correctly in the Glyph window of InDesign and Illustrator. (see attached).

Can anyone help?

Many thanks,

Dave Lawless

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I have the same problem. Maybe something codepage-specific?

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You need to sort your glyphs.

If you look at your font (in FontLab) using the Index mode on the Font window, you will see the same glyph order that is shown in Adobe apps' Glyph window.

What I usually do is switch to the Codepages mode and choose what I consider to be my default encoding (usually either MacOS Roman or Windows 1252 Latin 1). I first sort the glyphs by Unicode order (choose Glyph > Sort Glyphs > By Unicode), then I sort them by encoding (choose Glyph > Sort Glyphs > By Encoding). This leaves the glyphs in the following order: default encoding followed by the rest of the glyphs in order by Unicode.

You can also fine tune the order by switching to the Index mode and manually dragging glyphs around in the Font window to your preferred order.

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Cheers Mark,

The font works fine it's just the glyph window were it's displayed differently. I've noticed it with a number of other fonts.

Out of curiosity, will it cause problems if I don't do anything?

I must admit this is the first time I've come across this problem.

Best wishes,


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Not sorting the glyphs doesn't cause any problems, unless you consider arbitrary order in Glyph palettes a problem. You will also see this arbitrary order in some font managers, such as Apple's Font Book.

FWIW, the glyph order you are seeing has to do with the order in which you created the glyphs in FontLab, specifically when you go from a gray cell to a white cell by, for example, double-clicking on it. If you make a new version of a glyph and delete the original, the new glyph will fall at the end of the order. For this reason, I don't do any sorting until I am nearly finished with a font, otherwise you end up doing it over and over.

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Thanks again Mark. Your suggestion worked a treat…everything is now neat and tidy.


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