iPhone June 29th - so who's getting one?

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Can't really think of a font angle for this, so just a straight up question. Now that the release date has been announced, and you have 25 days to come up with the money which typophiles are ready to drop $.6K on the new phone come June 29?

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I have a personal rule that disallows me from getting first generation, version one hardware from a computer company. (But that didn't stop me from getting a Samsung Blackjack.) Our office will get at least one to test and tinker with.

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i have the same personal rule as joe. i'll wait a couple years.

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They're still saying end of the year for here in Canada (at least the last time I looked), but even then, I'm with the boys -- let it grow up a bit first.

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I don't use Cingular and also have never paid for a phone. $600 is a big bite.

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The MacBooks, version 1.0 (or is it 0.0) had some hardware issues. The very next release of the MacBook was only a few months later. So, I'm expecting hardware revs to be soon and will consider one then.

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I don’t want Cingular as a provider. I have owned, and despised, several PDAs and don’t want or need another. Digital convergence usually fails to impress me, so even if I would be getting a phone, camera, music player, video player and PDA for $600, I don’t care. And I’m not masochistic enough to buy a first-gen Apple product.

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My Samsung Blackjack has a 3G data plan from Cingular. The 3G network alone is enough to make the upgrade to a smartphone or an iPhone. I have no complaints about Cingular.

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>They’re still saying end of the year for here in Canada

But at least they'll $600 Canadian? Although I'd expect exchange rate to be one-for-one by December. ;-)

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No, I won't buy one.
If I was, I would defenitely wait for the second gen. Otherwise I would most likely be very sorry.

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Well, according to the Rogers email to subscribers cited here (which I didn't get, although I am a long-time one....), Rogers will be the exclusive carrier for them here, although they haven't officially released a date or cost.

As the author of the article linked above said Knowing the way Rogers operates, availability in October 2007 for CND$699 with a 3 year contract would be disappointing but it would not surprise me. Given what they've done in the past with other technologies, that sounds about right....

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I have no complaints about Cingular.

I have nothing against Cingular, but in DC Verizon seems to be the only cellular company with a solid wireless network :(

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I want this little cutie from Samsung/Verizon but have to wait until July to get it cheap.


It has a dual hinge so you get the full QWERTY keyboard and it's the size of a razr (without the ugly keypad)

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mine has no keyboard. maybe i'll upgrade.

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Chuck, it looks like you have a tin ear...

I'd love to get an iPhone, but like so many, I don't want to switch to Cingular.

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I hate phones :-)) Don't even own a mobile.

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that's my birthday, maybe some nice person will offer me one :)

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I would like to have one but the cost associated with buying and owning the device make it prohibitive for me. 499 plus what ever AT&T will charge for voice and data. Oh and another thing... AT&T/Cingular was rated poorest in service by Consumer Reports. T-Mobile being the best for GSM is my choice.

Like others have mentioned, the version 2.0 will probably be better. And one thing that bugs me about Apple's new devices is the screen aspect ratio is not compatible with the HD 16:9 standard. Jobs at one time proclaimed the year of high-def but that never came to fruition in their products.

I still like my free Nokia phone too...


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I'll get one as soon as it hits Denmark. As for the price, 600$ is nothing for a phone. There are plenty of 1000$ phones sold in Denmark, with a lot less "slick" or "cool" than the iPhone.

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