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This is my first post on this community. I was recommended here by a very helpful individual by the name of bowfinpw.

I would like to know if the attached file contains a variation of a font you might have seen before or is it new work?


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It has a FF Cocon feel, but it's definitely not FF Cocon.

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My bad, I didn't see Angel's post. I have to admit Angel, you have quite an uncanny ability of figuring out fonts, especially uncommon ones. What's your secret?

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> What’s your secret?
Yeah. I would like to know as well.
Must be witchcraft.

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thank you! that was an obscure one. i like both cocon and this one. what family would you say they belong to?

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I think both of them would be considered sans types, but this particular one I would say borders on script, because the letterforms have a hand-drawn (to me) feeling about them.

I second the thoughts about your skills Angel. I'm glad you seem to be using your 'powers' for Good, and I appreciate your efforts here.

- Mike Yanega

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