Font printing utility with Chars/Pica

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My company currently uses theTypeBook ( to print out specimen books of all of our fonts. This program hasn't been updated in 6 years and isn't very stable. However, it is the only font printing program I've found that prints the characters per pica (at every point size from 6-18 I think). As book designers, this helps us estimate page counts for interiors. Is there any other newer, more stable program that can do this? We're unfortunately still using OS 9, but we have a few OS X computers if necessary. Thanks!

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Thanks for the response Tiffany. Here's a specimen page from theTypeBook:
Font overview

Here's a closeup of the portion I'm looking for:

Font closeup

When you plug these numbers into a standard formula you can easily find out how many pages a book will be in a specific typeface (and with a specific margin, leading, etc.). Any other ideas? Thanks.

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I'm not sure if LemkeSoft's FontBook does exactly what you need, but I'll suggest it anyway.

Here you can see that it has a very wide variety of settings.

Here is one of the many setting.

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