(x) Bold sans in Dutch advertisement - Sun {Angel, Scott Dasse}

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Hi guys,

Although i couldn't find any matches on whatthefont, this one seems so familiar to me. Im pretty sure it's a fontshop font, but can't put my finger on it. Any help? Thanks..

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That's actually The Sun Sans Heavy by Lucas de Groot.

Edit: Too quick for me...

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Well, it's Sun something!

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You got it. I posted without seeing your ID. And I think it may well be Bold, not Heavy.

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Thanks guys,

I went to have a peek in the campaign's site flash file, and it's actually sun extra bold that they use on there so i guess that's it.

And they do sell it on the fontshop store so I mustve seen it there :)

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Luc(as) used to have quite a few FontFonts, so maybe that's why it looks FontFontesque (not to be confused with Fontesque ;^).

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