"Skibladner" blackletter w/ looped ascenders

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Hey guys-

Wondering if anyone can identity this typeface or is it hand drawn?

Thanks for the help.


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Some of Manfred Klein's Blackletter fonts for FontFont have loops on the ascenders, but that is an unusual feature. I think your sample looks hand-lettered, however. Manfred has generously made most of his fonts available for free at TypOasis, and he has helped with some of the Blackletter revival fonts on that site too, but I don't think this is among them.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks Mike, will look into this...


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Wa-hell, I am pretty sure I've seen it before, but can't place it. But there is Ayres Royal by Gert Wiescher … for a start.

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Hey Rainer;

Thanks for the link... it's very very close!
Tried looking within the search for similar but no luck. Any idea of where else I could look? Or maybe the creater of this has modified the serif's.

Thanks for your help- most appreciated.


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