.EOT File and Phostoshop

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Hi there

We are taken over someelse code and they are uting .EOT file as font which this typical Embbeded Open Type from Ms.

We have 2 fonts which is STANDARD 07_53 and STANDARD 07_55. Now my question how do I use this font in PHOTOSHOP? Cause I need to change the the graphics that I believe it's using this font. If I can't get this to Photoshop ... I guess the clossed one that I thinks is FFF Harmony ... correct?


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Your predecessor would have derived the EOT’s from real fonts, and you need the real fonts to do work in Photoshop. If you don't have them (maybe they went with the other chap?) you can re-license them from here… http://miniml.com/fonts/index.htm

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Also, if you buy Flash CS3 they are bundled with the application.


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