¿Click on latest comment?

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It's probably been said before and may be technically unfeasible - it would be cool if you could click on the name on the entrance page with the latest comment and be taken to the thread.

Now I shall have a little cheese with my whine…


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Apparently I have also managed to break something here with my ever-so-smart upside down question mark.

At least on my browser when you read the thread the subject is scrambled and it doesn't appear at all on the entrance page.

Or is it a new randomizer algorithm?

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Looks okay to me, Paul. But I do see the scrambled threads occasionally here.


edit: now I see the scramble

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Yeah, how hard can be it to code the page number into the link?


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Always be armed with ?from=ppp&comments_per_page=500
Where ppp = Number opposite thread under Replies (above new).
BTW. instead of showing new (in red) at the top right corner,
I suggest showing the comment number
Regards + Flowers

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Correction has been made with my apologies + Flowers.

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