Potential typophile dwelling available.

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Please pardon the blatantly non-type related, self-serving nature of this post.

We have an upper duplex apartment, possibly of interest to type-inclined folk, available for July 1.

The attractions: good light, small front office room, balcony, entirely renovated last summer, close to downtown Montreal on a street with a bike path.

The downside: Living above us (two sometimes-adults, two children, two dogs, two motorcycles).

Contact me for the details or delete the post if I'm totally violating the rules. (And if so, I beg forgiveness and understanding in advance.)


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The idea of living in Montreal really really appeals to me. I don't have a problem with the kids, the dogs, the adults, or the motorcycles.

I just gotta find a job. Something that honors the typography. But not bilingually. (Can I bring my cowboy boots?)

And how close are you to the Atwater market?? That's a fine fine place.

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:) Very close to the Atwater Market, but not close enough that we are in the chi-chi new condo village that has developed near there. We're just the other side of the canal.

Hey, someday, perhaps!
If you find a job here, contact me.


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