When Brands Attack

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When I'm out in the wild I keep my trigger finger ready for these treacherous moments when brands attack... I'm talking about the triple threat logo assault... As if one bad logo wasn't enough, they hit us with three.

When brands attack


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I am so sick and tired of hot pink porn outlines and gradients.


jlt : http://www.hewnandhammered.com

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It's awesome that the headline reads "The Three Compete Tonight".

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I count 7 logos. 4 company, 1 film and 2 television. Plus, that website is an assult to one's senses. How do you know what too look at?

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The correct answer is 10 logos. I was just pointing out the 3 stacked American Idol logos.

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nope, I was wrong, it's 8, I'm not counting the american idol logo 3 times.

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