Womens' Health Clinic

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Closing in a logo for a womens' health clinic focusing on prenatal care…
I'd love to hear some feedback - thanks!

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Yeah, I think it works. Feminine, and especially pregnant feminine, forms. Nice job. I wonder if the colour is a bit slight. And I also wonder whether there should be at least one connex b/w the strokes (I reckon the middle of the 'B') to add a bit of tension, to make it look more spontaneous and less thinky (if that makes sense),


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the strokes aren't quite clean enough or aren't quite organic enough. They're in limbo and seem to be a mistake at the moment. I'd push them one way or the other.

The logo is nice, conceptually. Well done.

The type is lacking, though, and is way out of scale with the mark.

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Yep, clean up the curves and you've got a nice logo. Have you thought about adding a belly button? ;)

I agree with Nick's comment about connecting the middle of the B. Your stroke widths seem a little uneven.

As for the type, I would make the logo a bit smaller so the type stands out more.


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thx for feedback - I'm working on the type, darkening the palette + will clean up the curves so its not ambiguous. pls stay tuned, I'll post some revisions.

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