Alternative to Copperplate

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My company is designing a identity package for a take-home supper company. We'd like to use a clean titling font with a little warmth. They like the idea of something that feels like Copperplate, but it's a bit too overused for our taste.

Any suggestions?

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A take-home supper company in Copperplate ?
Is it really overused for that purpose over there ?

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Copperplate is overused for everything everywhere.

Sackers Gothic
Titling Gothic
ITC Symbol

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I like Albertus (it's on my business card), but depending where you are, Friz Quadrata may well be overused -- it is here. :-(

What about Poppl-Laudatio or Tiepolo?

Baker Signet isn't a bad choice either, but it doesn't have an italic or bold....

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Thanks all. Those are some great suggestions. ITC Symbol and Penumbra are really close I think.

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