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I am trying to create a multi layered font; a font that when place one upon each other creat a new font. I've already have a precise illustrator format. When paste in fontographer everything seems alright, well align as the original, but when generated as a font and viewed they seems not weel aligned, can anybody help please


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Are you importing your different illustrator shapes into the same square?
If not, this can be a solution to retrieve always the same coordinates.


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Hi Greg

Thanx for the reply

In fact I've drawn the whole alphabet in illustrator, and what would be in different layers, so different font later on are on the same layer in illustrator. I then paste the letters in fontographer, select and keep only the desired shapes that built one layer of the final font.I think it is what you call the same square, but without great result. I assume that when fontographer generate a font, it looses some presicion in keeping the outline as it is in the original .fog document. (???)

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I understand how you're working and it appears to be a good solution, it's a shame it doesn't works...
What I wanted to say is you can also define your layers in illustrator, keep only the desired shapes on each layer as you already do, and after draw a fixed-size square (only outline) around each letter and import all that in fontographer, one layer after one. You have then to delete this square in the .fog.
Give it a try if you want... (If you can understand my frenchspoken english J )

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