The Neutral Typeface

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This doesn't seem to have come up before: Kai Bernau's project, now completed and on sale, to create the least remarkable sans possible. It's at

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I highly recommend Kai's book on the making of Neutral. Excerpts will be published in the next issue of the SOTA publication Interrobang which will be available at TypeCon in Seattle.

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It looks like a well constructed font, based on a well constructed philosophy. Given that his intended audience includes primarily the conceptual artist (from Kai's book), the idealogical underpinnings are sure to appeal. That said, I don't think it really adds anything new to the typographic landscape. Hats off to him though, I'll wager he learned a bundle in the process (ed. I did from reading the book excerpt, thanks for that). Congratulations on it's release. -- R

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hi guys

you can of course find Neutral on, the new swiss type foundry, you can also order the book... and for the first time you have free trial version, don t wait to download it and try it... in a few month light versions and italic... and in 10 days the first public version of Romain du Roi, called Romain BP...

B&P typefoundry

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This has come up here before, but I can't find the thread.
I bought a copy of the book at the time.

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