(x) credits at bottom of Casino Royale movie poster - URW Bee {Yves}

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Does anybody know this condensed font used in the bodytext of the Casino Royale poster linked below?
The Logo Type is the Century Gothic.
Thanx and best regards


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It's Century Gothic as identified in this thread: http://typophile.com/node/32697

Edit: Oops. That will teach me to read the entire post first.

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I think this is URW Bee. As discussed here.

This question pops up regularly on Typophile.

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univers thin ultra condensed is also a very close match, as mentioned on previous discussions... might want to squidge™ it a mite...

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Ohrada and/or Normalstock from Storm will work as well. As above, Bee is used most often.

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And isn't that Benguiat behind his head?

Nick Cooke

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And the building's sign is Benguiat. :-)

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Nick and Linda, ya big show-offs. :^P ;^) :^D

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hahahaha You're just jealous that we spotted it first! ;-)

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Actually, I'm such a nerd that I ID'd it while watching the film in the cinema.


Nick Cooke

Ps. I kept it to myself though - I don't think my wife would have been that impressed by me going 'See that typeface - That's Benguiat pronounced Bengat that is' while watching a James Bond film.

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I guess there's a scene that Daniel Craig played blackjack tables at that time in casino with his enemies looking forward to him and fought for his life.

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