Ideas for Supporting Typeface for a Logo/Brand??

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Hey Everybody!

Wondering if anyone has some ideas for a supporting Body Typeface for our Logo?
We commisioned the logo; the designer using his typeface 'Foret'. We are searching everwhere (well you know what I mean) looking for a typeface that will compliment this. The typeface would need to be a solid performer and work well in general buisness documents etc. Perferably with at least a simple set. Im thinking something quite simple a Sans Serif with a slight twist...
I think a Sans Serif will be a nice contrast to the logo...

So far it's been a struggle to find something as we are a little close to the subject. (as it's our precious brand).

All ideas welcome!

Some types we have liked so far:

• DIN fonts (fishmonger)
• T-Star (by Mika Mischler, but un avaliable to purchase as far as we can tell).
• Akkurat (but as it's similar to Helvetica, not keen for a body typeface).
• Solex (but not sure as this is a serif)


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Did'nt the designer who drew the logo, offer any suggestions?

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Hey Belleisle,

The designer suggested the Akkurt and FF Balance. I wasn't a big fan of the ff Balance
as I found it a little curvy.

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What a poorly drawn logo! No wonder you can't find a complementary typeface.

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I'd use something unusual and expressive like Storm's Amor Sans.

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Oh dear. I hope you didn't pay a lot of money for the logo...

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Hey Jon & Terminal,

So do you think the logo is crap? Please eloborate...
I passed the logo onto another designer overseas to offer some distance as we were finding it difficult in house to come up with a solution for our business. At the time I liked it, but lately I've felt it could be a little 'weak' or fluffy. (also trying to find type solutions that work with, as I more of a contemporary DIN, Helvetica fan).

If you could please express your opinions; as I'd appreciate the feedback. (as it's a major deal for us this re brand).


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Where to start?

The terminals on the c, r, e, s, and a are lumpy and do not transition into the hairline in an elegant way.

The tops and bottoms of all the letters have that tell-tail sharp transition at the tangent point. Very abrupt and not attractive.

All the curves are sloppy, not a taught curve in the bunch. The r is too wide, the lower bowl of the a looks like it was drawn by an alzheimer's patient, the t is weak and that te ligature does not work at all.

The spacing is poor and there is absolutely no rhythm anywhere.


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Hi James-

Ha ha!
Thanks for the feedback- so basically you think ditch the logo?
Looking at those points Im thinking the fundamentals of the typeface design Foret are poor to begin with...

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