Narrow Transitional fonts

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Someone asked me to design a typographic tatoo for his fore arm.
Its a three word sentence set in all caps,
and it has to run aprox. 6 inches wide.
As for the design I am considering Baskerville's or other transitional fonts,
but the client seems to want a similar font with higher cap-heigth.

- "I want the letters to be taller, cant you stretch them up?!"
- "NOooooo. I wont do that...! I'll have to find another font!,
if i did that i would distort de proportions of the letters...."

Any suggestions of tall cap fonts in this style?
Any suggestion at all?


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What you want is an old narrow Runic.


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Maybe a little muscle flexing would do the trick?

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Good for you for sticking to your typographically correct guns.

ITC Cheltenham Condensed
Vendôme Condensed

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Stewf, that was a groaner worthy of Dezcom, punmaster.

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Only it wasn't clever.

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Ray Cruz's Romantica

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