resume critics please

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Hello Everyone,

I just updated my resume and I am looking for all kind of productive comments. I know you guys have some great eyes so please share thoughts with me.


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Nobody on earth has the skills you say you have.
Mybe you should cut some lines, or be a bit more precise.

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I don't think the skills section sounds unrealistic.
However, I don't like the constantly changing (and often too wide) letterspacing. You should get rid of the justified setting.
And your I-dots are too narrow over the I.

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depends on what you call skill.

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thanks a lot for the quick response.

@tim, I uploaded another version which I totally backed away from justified setting and also corrected the dots. Please let me know if you see something you don't like.

@john, well I see your concerns about my skills, does this mean you are not going to hire me?

I'd appreciate opinions regarding the layout.
again, thanks a lot!

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I mean, nobody is expert in everything, and as it's set now, I don't see what's your best card, even after a good read.
Who want's to spend half an hour knowing who you are and what you can do ?
I think you should put the focus on your "violon d'Ingres"

btw, I feel resume_loose.pdf is not a solution. it's kinda messy.

All this needs clarity.
Stong message.


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Here are a few things I noticed:

In the Work Experience, Education, and Exhibitions sections, you should put the items in chronological order with the most recent at the top rather than at the bottom.

Change hyphens to en dashes and lose the space on either side

You use a combination of proportional old style numbers and tabular lining numbers....I would make them all one or the other, preferably all old style.

I think the all caps bold is a little much...more emphasis should be placed on the job positions held rather than the company worked for, in my opinion.

Why is your email and telephone italicized? Seems like it should be formatted the same as your address.

In the section, Exhibitions and Awards, the line with TSOA Scholarship, there is a double space before New York University.

Lastly, I disagree with John about your skill doesn't seem unrealistic to me.

Good luck with your job search!

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In addition – ‘clients such as’ is not as impressive as ‘clients including’ (unless you haven’t worked for them and are using those examples to cover for clients that you have worked for – in which case that is taking client confidentiality a bit too far).
I would turn over Efes and if Shop and Miles is a client I would change the order or change the ‘and’ to an ampersand so that the order isn’t so strange at the end of that line.
The Reading exhibition is a bit obvious with the large tab, I would overhang the “ to slightly reduce that space, the space after doesn’t follow the others and if you tab the dates I would also tab the skills section. I cannot see why Exhibitions & Awards would be in two lines.
The period spent as a freelance flash developer should be treated in the same way as the other positions.
Overall I feel too much space is taken up on the left.


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thanks a lot for your comments jen and tim. I am going to upload another version according to your critics tonight. I really appreciate giving your time!


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