(x) Posh logo sans w/ curls - VGC Agraphicus (Acropolis) {Mike F}

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A client gave me a jpeg file with their logo, not so good for printing a large window graphic. Can anyone help me figure out what this font is?


- J

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It reminds me of some of the swishier fonts by Nick Curtis, but none of them match up.

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Sort of the idea: http://www.canadatype.com/showfont.php?id=59

Some art nouveau-ish faces get close.

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That was, predigitally, VGC Agraphicus, but it's been manually condensed. Digitally, Fontbank offered it (years ago) as Acropolis. I don't know if the folks I linked you to (a Xara offshoot) really have the rights to the old Fontbank (a defunct company) fonts as they claim, but at two dollars, does it really matter much?

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Thanks! This'll make vectorizing a lot easier!

- J

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