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I've whipped up a prototype logo for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University I work for and wanted to get some critiques before I finish tweaking it and present it to the department head for approval. I'll be honest, I was heavily inspired when I was buying electronics one day and noticed the European CE mark on some cables (basically the "meets EU safety requirements" seal... I'm not much of a logo talents largely reside in page design and photography, so any constructive criticism is greatly appreciated.


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It's sort of reminiscent of the power symbol, which is neat.

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I really like your use of colour, but it's unfortunate that it won't show up in a B/W photocopy, and I'm not sure that a greyscale rendering would be as effective.

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Yes, nice and simple logo.

Agree with Linda about the grad. Not sure it really adds that much for the problems you will have with reproduction? Maybe type and symbol solid red and solid crimson??

Feel the type is a fraction to close to symbol.
Space between the symbol 'E' and 'C' could be very slightly greater for when the logo gets used at small sizes.

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Will this be working standalone or along side the university mark?
If it's to work along side the University mark, you should check the current guidelines for spacing, sizing and any limitations on accompanying marks.

What type of applications do you see this logo being used on? If applications include anything from standard forms, letterhead, embroidered/screen printing and/or web applications; you should consider creating various version of the logo with specific guidelines for each use. This would include your current gradient color choice (which would work best in a web/screen based environment), solid color versions (that would include acceptable spot colors and patterns) and a B&W version (for small or photocopy production.)

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It's nice, but I've seen that before...just don't recall where...

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I like the ever-so-slight gradient. It makes the logo kinda glow and vibrate - I guess you can say it gives it an electric look.

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The logo is too busy. You have to be able to retain an image long after looking at it and this one slips away in the contrasts and blending of the type.

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As others have already pointed out, this is too close to the symbol which inspired you. Two important traits of any logo are that it has to be memorable, and not easily confused with any other logotype.

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It's simple. Yet to similar. We all can't seem to pin point it but it's out there already. But then again, what isn't?! Good luck. Make it your own. Evolve it.

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We all can’t seem to pin point it but it’s out there already.

Actually, retrospect mentions the inspiration in the original post:

I’ll be honest, I was heavily inspired when I was buying electronics one day and noticed the European CE mark on some cables (basically the “meets EU safety requirements” seal...

This is it right here:

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