Unknown Font

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Does anyone know the name of the attached font and how to get it free?


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No, and no.

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FYI, around here we don't like to hear people trying to get fonts for free.
Knowing your intentions, many people here who might know what font
that is are less likely to tell you.

Try to spend money on fonts.


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It looks similar to the Porsche logotype. Can't be too hard to redraw this.

If fonts are offered free, and quite a few vendors do, what's wrong abot using them?

I really feeel it should be appreciated that in markets less affluent then the west, purchasing fonts at Western prices is just beyond the economics of most graphic design projects.

Let me clarify that I'm not condoning use of pirated fonts here. Or undervaluing the type designers work.

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Some people dislike free fonts too, but I'm talking about getting non-free
fonts for free. And this particular request sounded very much like that.

> I really feeel it should be appreciated that ...


On the other hand, Hong Kong as a whole is not poor.


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Interesting concept Hrant.

Another idea would be to offer variable prices for markets. Local editions of the same books, music, designerwear, and of late, stock images are priced lower in developing markets, than in the west. Of course in some of those cases the lower prices are partly enabled by local production. Still, lower prices are a great way to start making people accept the idea of purchasing a font.

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Sure seems to be the 'Porsche' type, its just that on/in the original image the 'Porsche' part has been blanked out. ;)

> www.porsche-design.com/live//Home.PorscheDesign?flash=0


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