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Hi everybody. After finish Kautiva set I wanted start to make my first serif font.. This one began based in Kautiva (see at the bottom of the image) and I incorporated some kind of serif that I felt works good and made the weight a little lighter changing the contrast of the curves.
I still wanted to mantain some strong references from the original sans like the angle of some ends.
Not uppercase yet, not kerning, just this.

Any comment, help will be really apreciated. Gracias!!!!!!

libertina.swf (14.4 k)

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hmm, export to swf made grunge the curves... here again...

liber2.swf (8.3 k)

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Alejandro,tu tipo me confunde un poco.

Tiene un ancho de tipo de texto, tiene tipos muy, pero muy legibles, tiene la personalidad de un tipo de texto, sin embargo no est

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hey alejandro, i think this is a great face. i must agree with Juan Pablo, however, that it is more of a display face than a type for text. If your goal is for this to be a display face you just need to iron our a few kinks. If you want this to be usable for text, I'm afraid you'll have to lose some of the more decorative features.
This critique assumes that this face will be used for display, I'm no pro, so take all I say with a grain of salt or two.
Firstly: I love the g! However, I feel that the "eye" of the g may be too small.
Secondly: I like the breaks on the legs of the h, l, m and n. I think they add cohesiveness to the design as you used similar serifs for characters such as a, etc. However, i think that the breaks should probably descend a bit below the baseline because the breaks make these legs look shorter than the normally serifed legs.
Finally: The r looks like an amputated n. Take a look at this to see how you can rework this character.
Hopefully someone with more experience will take a look at this and give you some more in depth criticism. Keep up the good work!

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hey ale, what happened with this one?

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hey paul, what happened with your nickname? lol

I dont know, is another never endless idea.... I was young ... :P

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