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this is the Italic Varion to Insekt

Please critic this (or both) ;-)

InsektBiene Italic

Greetings ;-)

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It may just be your graphic here, but it looks like the italic is wobbling back and forth as it goes, like all the vertical strokes are misaligned. I'm no expert, but that's distracting to me.

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Your ascenders are more sloped than your descenders, except the lc f, whose tail's also rather weak to my eye. I rather like the effect that the other letters have, but the f sticks out.

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There are many experiments inside this italic. I tryed to do a variable slant angel and i tryed to vary it in one character. Currently I like but maybe it goes to far.

lc 'f': Thank you Sheryas, it realy doesent fit. Have to fix it

Thank you for your comments :-)

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It is a very lively face. maybe only the "f" is too much.

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I especially like the lc l, incidentally. That character is simply beautiful, and it shows off your variable slant angle (if I understand correctly, you're making a *curve* rather than a straight angled slope?) really well.

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