Logo design for Art Gallery in NY (AE Space)

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Hello to all,

This is my first post in Typophile forums, thank you to everyone who comments and criticises the attached drafts for my freelance project...

It is for a gallery in NY, a new exhibition space for Contemporary Art. The new Gallery space is going to allow in a "contemporary context" other curators to showcase their works varying from Art Brut to Outsider Art and New media Arts to innovative Art productions...

These are my first ideas/drafts on the job. I would like to hear your opinions and constructive critiques. I very much appreciate your time and valuable suggestions.


AE_space_1st_Drafts.pdf48.64 KB
AE_space_2nd_Drafts.pdf77.26 KB
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There is something interesting about page 4 ... the idea that it is the layout of the floor. Museums always seem very modular to me. But, the typeface use for "space"—News Gothic?—seem counter to the feel of the mark.

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Number 3 is interesting for the same reasons.

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While 3 and 4 have a Piet Mondrian effect, which I am not sure works with the contemporary, they need some work to make them more apparent as AE, combining upper and lower case (4) doesn't really work for me especially when ae could work in lowercase, while 3 is a bit too FF. 5 and 6 are a little too obvious and they seem as if I have seen them before or at least the essence of them. 1 and 2 seem to have the most mileage in developing they both are a little severely geometric and I am not keen on the use of Helvetica for SPACE in 2. I hope you don't find this harsh, welcome btw.


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Dear Tiffany,

Thank you very much for your thoughts. Yes the conception derived from the modularity of space and architectural wide planes/floors of contemporary galleries. I was impressed by The Tate Modern's spacious galleries and i was thinking very much about them when i was designing. The "space" typeface is not News Gothic but Franklin Gothic Book.

* Thank you Tim for your insights. I will consider them and post reviews asap.

* Thank you Patricia. I liked somehow the embedded Cross in the center of the 4th piece.

*As for the 2nd piece i have some earlier drafts distinguishing AE from one another I'll review it and post later.

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I'd be careful with image 4 - it has an embedded cross in the negative space.

I'd stay away from the @ symbol unless you really want to stress the net-art aspect.

#2 reads as AF to me, not AE

I like #1 but am not sure I read the "a" that well.

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Hello again,

Here are the second drafts after your comments and my clients requests as well. (I have attached the 2nd Draft to the 1st post)

* I had to eliminate the 3rd one, however i did try my best, somehow it wasn't a strong proposal in between the others.

* I did minor tweaks and colour changes "earthy tones" on 1st-2nd

* As 4th design, my client liked it very much and wanted some alternatives on the same conception eg. "soft corners and earth
colours" so you will see 2 extra proposals with the same concept.

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