Feminine font suggestions?

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Hi Typos!

I'm working on an identity for a e-commerce-site with the purpose of selling children’s clothes. Age 0-8 years.

Anyway, I need some inspiration/suggestions for a feminine font. The product is called "botop.dk" so the font needs to be a bit characteristic and girly ;-)

Thanks in advance!


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try doing a search for the term "feminine" to find past threads looking for similar fonts.

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Why don't you use our sponsor : the candy script! lol

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It's a bit of a cliche by now but have a look at Wendy


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The upright but curly script Emily might work.

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yes, support the sponsors, :P

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Maybe typefaces like FF Strada or FF Cocon?
With the half-rounded terminals, without getting too soft.

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Although I haven't had the chance to use it yet, I've become very fond of Odile by Sibylle Hagmann, which has a 'feminine' feel without being obvious or cliched.

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Nice one, I'm going to file that one for possible future use.

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Dollhouse is my fave when it comes to girly display stuff.

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Just about any Rob Leushke script will do - they just ooze femininity


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