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Monday, May 14, 2007

MOTE, a black-a-licious type.

Mote is the first typeface from Latinotype, a small new foundry based on latinamerican culture & local vernacular lettering.

Mote, a black-a-licious type is a modern interpretation of latinamerican lettering founded in Santiago de Chile "Mote" drink store.
The "Mote with Huesillos" is a traditional Chilean drink of sugary teaish water with a dried peach and bulgar wheat. We take this drink as a lovely chilean icon to represent our "Muy Delicious" lettering tradition in yummy tasty letters.

- A unique & friendly black typeface
- Up to 300 yummy glyph caps!
- Opentype / Western European ready
- Postcript flavoured curves

More information:

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specimens_mote.png81.49 KB
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I’m going to spend the next month showing up for meetings just so I can try to get someone to spec this typeface for a job. Because, it’s, ya know, FAB!

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Very nice, Miguel!

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It's about time the general public had access to the talents of Miguel Hernandez. For years he's shown his abilities in pixel lettering, but I think his true calling lies in vector type. Mote is a great first launch.

Ricardo Cordoba's picture

I'm a big fan of Miguel's faces, ever since I saw many of his early ones in the Critique forum, maybe 3 or 4 years ago...

¡Buena suerte con el nuevo emprendimiento, Miguel! Welcome back!

Miss Tiffany's picture

Well done, Miguel. Congratulations on the release.

Miguel Hernandez's picture

Thank you for all your warm messages,
And drink some mote :)


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Great stuff! Congrats to you, Miguel! May you do well and post many more!


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