Canada is the greatest hockey country in the world...

mili's picture least in 2007. Congrats, Linda!!*

* had a little bet with Linda. Finland lost the ice hockey final this year, we'll try again in 2008. I believe the World Championchips are held in Finland in 2012, if you're here then, Linda, I'll buy you that beverage!

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LOL - Linda's been updating me regularly on the dismal performance of the US team. (like most Americans I could give a rat's a**)

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Another hockey thread???

Linda is taking over. She's gotta be stopped. Quickly. Before Hrant asks "Where's the type".

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You can always ID some fonts...

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Sheitsheitsheit. Canada had the strenghts and used their opportunities. Finland was weak in the beginning and only threatened Canada in the end. Our Suomi Word of the Week is: “maailmanmestari”, world champion. Thank god it’s only ice hockey, I mean those championships come and go, who remembers this a month from now?

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I don’t want to hear any whining about how crappy our national team is; at least they only sucked a few weeks out of the year. I, on the other hand, had the privilege of watching the Caps suck through most of the last season.

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The world cup. Oh, please. I'll be impressed when You win the World cup and the Olympic Hockey gold the same year. It's the only thing that really counts these days You see.


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> Canada is the greatest hockey country in the world...

Good for you. Now if you could just get together with Mexico, and merge it with Lucha Libre, then you'd have something worth watching.
The same goes for golf.
; )

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Actually, that's basically how the game is played domestically. Canadian hockey players are on their best behaviour when playing internationally, but at home the old joke is 'We went to the fights last night and a hockey game broke out'.

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Oh, was Finland in that tournament?

(Just kidding)

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:-) Thanks, Mili. We got to see the first period before leaving and didn't get a final score until the game was long over. What we saw was pretty encouraging for our side, but it's obviously your team were pretty exhausted (physically and mentally) after that game with Russia.

(The worst part of the break-up of the Soviet Union is it ruined one of the great hockey chants of all time: "da-da-Canada, nyet-nyet-Soviet"!)

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Canadians will remember this a month from now!

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You can always ID some fonts…

Interesting, in that picture, the "Suomi" is in a sans font, yet I could swear it was a nice serif one watching the game live. Maybe we need an HD television. ;-)

I’ll be impressed when You win the World cup and the Olympic Hockey gold the same year.

Actually, in Olympic years, that *is* considered to be the world championship. ;-)

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Actually, to a Canadian the Stanley Cup is considered to be the world championship. Still one Canadian based team in the hunt, and I'm pretty sure a plurality, if not majority, of all teams are composed of Canadians.

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And the Americans think the World Series is the world championship for baseball (a sport somewhat less exciting to watch on TV than paint drying). ;-)

The last numbers I saw had Canadians as a bare majority, but I think that was a few years ago.

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"Country"? I don't get it... To me the Hockey State did deserve
to win, since everybody knows race car drivers suck on ice.

And yeah, where's the friggin' type?!
Don't make me start some chocolate talk again.


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LOL Linda. Where their order form says "Select Type" they're not giving me a choice of typefaces. What's up with that?? Ungrateful non-type-nerds. They don't even offer italic.

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Hey, if you want a sans face, you can nibble off the serifs! Think of all the fun one could have.... ;-)

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That a team called the Ducks can make a go of it here in SoCal, where ice hockey is as relevant as army boots on a fish, is amazing to me.

It can only be that so many people have escaped the winters in MN, IL, etc. that they can support it. Go figure. Us So. Californians don't get it for the most part. Admittedly that 1980 Olympic game where the US underdogs somehow beat the Russians was certainly enjoyed here (more than it was in Russia, I'd wager)

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L.A. has the second-largest ex-pat Canuck population in the U.S., which is one good reason why both the Kings and Ducks do so well (NYC is first, and Silicon Valley is a close third, which is why the Sharks pack the Tank).

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Congratulations to Finland.

Did you know they appreciate Canadian music in Finland?

Four Strong Winds
Put Your Hand in the Hand

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