What does this error mean? - There was a problem while compiling OpenType font

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I've only been working with FontLab 5.02 (PC version) for a short time and I keep getting this message when I try to save an OpenType font:

ERROR: There was a problem while compiling OpenType font. Final .otf font is not saved. Please, check OpenType features definition for errors

It's probably a newbie error, but it's got me baffled.

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I got it to work after I populated the Names and Copyright section under Font Info.

Now I need to figure out how to keep the kerning. I've done some manual kerning, and it works in the metrics window, but not in the font itself. I'm using Illustrator CS2 to test it.

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Update the 'kern' feature manually, or change your preferences so that it gets updated automatically every time you generate your fonts.

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Thanks for the feedback Miguel. I have that box checked, but the kerning is still not showing up when I test it in Illustrator. Here are the settings I'm using:

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Try to uncheck the option "Export old-style non-OpenType kern table". Kerning in OpenType CFF fonts (.otf) should be done via the kern feature, not via the kern table.

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Thanks again Miguel for your post. I unchecked the box, but I'm having the same problem. I was planning to read up on class kerning soon, but hoped to get by in the mean time by experimenting with manual kerning. It works great in the metrics window. I guess OpenType requires more.

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I'm having the same error here, does anyone knows how to get rid of this error?


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Damn, while doing my kerning classes I forgot to check "Class Kerning" - this might cause this prob?

Please help me!

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Ok, after adding some font information over font info panel the error dissapear, but there is no kern in my font!
It looks good at the Metrics Panel!!!
*head explotes

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Please put your .vfb file, screenshots from your OpenType Export preferences in FontLab Studio, and the final .otf file into one zip file, and attach it to the problem report at http://www.fontlab.com/support/problem/

How do you determine that "there is no kern in your font"?


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I've got the same error (ERROR: There was a problem while compiling OpenType font. Final .otf font is not saved. Please, check OpenType features definition for errors), but when i try to generate otf in different location (font2.otf) the result was OK!


I couldn't delete font1.otf. It was uninstalled, but Illustrator was opened with artwork and type (font1.otf) in it.

Then i delete this file with Unlocker v1.8.7 (strange, it said "no locking handle found")

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I have another error. I use FontLab 5.02 and it never finishes compiling. It goes like this:
[Duplicate target glyph for single substitution in 'salt' feature]
I don't know how to get rid of this. Maybe it is very simple mistake though...

And I have another problem. I want to program multiple stylistic alternates for single glyph like this:
sub g from [g_alt1 g_alt2 g_alt3];
But it says that there should be only one alternate glyph in salt feature. Is there any way?

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FontLab is notoriously unhelpful regarding the cause of certain problems, but I have encountered this problem before. Look for an open contour: just one can screw up the font generation process.

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You must define and build your open type font names in File>Font Info to avoid this error. I had the same issue, just filled out the font info, and oila! No more mysterious error. My kerning and ligatures started working in Illustrator as well. Apparently this error has nothing to do with the open type features as the error suggests.


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