Red Hat's "Liberation" Sans, Serif and Mono

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Liberation(TM) brand fonts here.

Metric matches to Arial, Times New Roman and Courier (New?), I believe.

Anyone here installed, inspected, set copy or played with these? Impressions?

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Would love to check this stuff out, but the site is erroring right now. When were these announced? Were the designers listed?

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The embedded font info shows they were designed by Steve Matteson at Ascender.

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Ahh, the site loaded in Firefox. I was attempting in NetNewsWire. Downloaded and installed the TrueTypes.

As can be expected, attempts to fit the widths of another font result in a weak design. Such was the case with Arial, and Liberation Sans is similarly stunted. The Serif is more interesting.

I'm not surprised to hear it's Matteson. He's done this sort of metric matching work before.

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Now that I look closer, it seems these may be the same fonts as Ascender Sans and Serif.

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I loaded these up and the Sans and Mono don't look bad in my email program. I suspect they are pretty extensively hinted. Looks better than Arial for small on-screen text.

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The main question in my mind was their screen rendering quality, and it seems that's been answered encouragingly by Mark. And stylistically they're not half bad either. Good going!


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