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I'm working on a serif typeface. I would like to hear your comments. I'm affraid with the relation of the lowercase and uppercase.snail_preview

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I really like that r. Don't care much for the head on the t, and the j sort of peters out towards the bottom. The s doesn't go with the rest of the characters very well.

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It tastes a bit like palatino but I like this kind of modulation you used, I thik it is going to have a nice color in paragraph. Uppercase is still unbalanced and uneven in color,
"A" has a good color.

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some characters improvements:
"a"; "t"; "s".

Need too work a lot in the red ones.snail_preview_02

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Hi Ricardo

The steams of the Uppercase looks diffrent in width.
lc 'b': mmh.... I dont like the bottom curve...
lc 'w' and 'v': maybe to gemetrical
lc 'x': Great! But will it work in small size?
I like the curves of the round glyphes!
The tail of lc'y' maybe needs a point at the end (maybe also for 'j' 'f' and 'c')

Greetings to you!


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Jens: what do you mean with "the tail of lc'y' maybe needs a point at the end (maybe also for 'j' 'f' and 'c')"

it's already there...or am i i missing something?


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Sorry Ricardo, you are right, the comment was a little confusing :-)

What i mean was that you maybe should do this point a little bigger. Currently it looks like that the downstroke goes in a little curve...

The Uppercase is a first sketch i see so you improve anyway... Horizontal lines are very diffrent Compare lc 'E' and 'L'

Happy fonting!

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It's late, but i was playing around with some capitals

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This roughly reminds me of Patria

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i think you have serious problems with the curves.
this characters show it.

the: e, s, g, f, a, o and q, need a new and serious revision.

here you can found tips about how you can trace your font.


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