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This table is based on the chart from Interrobang 2 by Nathan Matteson and Tiffany Wardle. The information is here in HTML to make an extensible version of the same information set. If you have suggestions or additions to this chart, please see the contact information at the end of this article.

This chart was part of the article "The Case for a User-Friendly EULA" written for Interrobang 2, but also available for reading on the FontLab Wiki. A large image of the EULA chart.

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Foundry CPUs (output devices) Use on Additional Laptop/ Sattelite CPU Server (LAN) Install. Back-up Copies Embedding Distribution of Embedded Documents Distribution to Service Bureau Mods. Derivative Work (EPS, etc.) Use w/o Design Credit License Transferable
Adobe 5(1) c 1 ei mf
Agfa Monotype 5(1) c 1 efi hj p o
Berthold 5(1) c 1 efi h p g
Bitstream 5(b) 1 e e g g
Cape Arcona 2(b) 1 f h
Elsner + Flake 5(1) 1 e e hp
Emigre 6 d 1 ef hk h m n
Enschede FF 1(1) 1 f g h g
Font Bureau 1 1 ef
FontFont (FSI) 5 1 ef h g
Fountain 5(2) 1 e g
Garage Fonts 5 1 e g
House Industries 6 d h n
LettError 6 d h n
Linotype 5 efi hj gp
LucasFonts 5(1) 1 f hk g
P22 5(1) 1 g g o
Porchez 2(2) n
ShinnType 5(b) e i f
Storm 5(1) a m
Terminal Design 5(1) 1 ef p
Underware 2(1) h 1 h hk g

✔ Allowed
✓ Allowed with additional licensing or consent (as noted)

a Font can be used on unlimited output devices, but installed to the RAM of only one.
b Unlimited printers at the licensed locations.
c More CPUs licensed for larger font packages.
d License specifies total devices, not CPUs.
e Technical restrictions, such as "Print and Preview" only.
f Non-commercial or in-house only.
g Prior and/or written consent required.
h Additional licensing required.
i Additional license available for documents that are editable.
j Additional license available for documents that are for commercial work.
k Limited use allowed for service bureau work without an extra license.
m Format conversion only.
n Art derived from font software is subject to the same license.
o Not for use as "principal art".
p Allowed for achieving interoperability with other software.
q Only in PFR format.

If you would like to contribute to this project, please copy the following code, modify it for the foundry in question, and email to pauldhunt(at)yahoo(dot)com:

<td>Foundry Name</td>
<td>#(#)<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- CPUs (Output) -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Sattelite -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Server -->
<td>#<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Backup -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td>#60;!-- Embedding -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Document Distribution -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Bureau Distribution -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Modification -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Derivative Work -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- w/o Credit -->
<td>✔,✓,or blank<em>licensing notes</em></td><!-- Transferable -->

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