Fourier analysis of Adline italic

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I don't think this has been posted here previously, although there has certainly been discussion of fourier analysis of type.

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See also the bouma of space craft thread, in which I made some spectral plots of different spacing choices for my Century Catalogue.

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For additional sources on this topic you may want to have a look at Pelli's and Legge's works, both of which offer most of their papers as PDFs: and

I also found these very interesting:

Anstis, SM, "Size Adaptation to Visual Texture and Print: Evidence for Spatial-Frequency Analysis", The American Journal of Psychology Vol. 87, No. 1/2, 1974, pp. 261-267

Morris, RA, "Image Processing Aspects of Type", EP88 Conference on Electronic Publishing, 1988

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I discuss Fourier transforms in my UQAM presentation Gestural Exercises, Excursions into the Visual Cortex, and Design. Downloadable links to my slides and script are at:

My interest in Fourier transforms stemmed from Raph's plots.

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