PSA: Typophile News

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Just FYI, registered members of typophile are allowed to submit news stories. There is a link on the news page in the right-hand column that allows you do this. However, once you post an item, it is stuck in moderation until approved by a moderator. So, after posting news items, please contact a moderator to approve your posting for you. Thanks for reading!

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> please contact a moderator to approve your posting

This is a discouraging bit of overhead.
By all means do have an approval process for "news" items,
but please make it so that a moderator (maybe implement
a cycling selection) is notified automatically.


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The downside of that being is spammers use it. People subscribed to the RSS will get the spam regardless of the fact that we might remove it. I do wish we were sent an email or something when one goes into moderation. That would be helpful.

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