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Dear Typophiles Logo Critique contingent

I'm writing to hear your feedback on my institution's new logo. I know I ought to tell you all as much about the project as possible, but I'd rather fill in the audience, occasion, purpose, etc. later after you chew on it a while. I would like to share the marketing consultant's rationale with you though. [I should state that this W logo is placed symmetrically above the name of the institution in Bembo, title case to be a bit more descriptive.]

The new symbol for the College combines a stylized “W” with the full name of the college.

Each element of the logo has meaning. In the “W” graphic, the particular typeface selected is Bembo, a classic, serif font that honors the history of the college. Where the central diagonal strokes of the W cross, a break has been created. Conversely, the serifs at the top of the letterform that would normally be distinct have been joined. This speaks to our community – one whole made of inter-connected, individual parts. Although the total construct – the W and the name – appear at first glance to be centered and symmetrical, they are not in fact. This suggests that the (institution's name) experience is characterized by surprise and non-conformity.

Any thoughts anyone?

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Do you have adjusted versions for different sizes? Can you show them?

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