greek font to go with lubalin graph?

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i am looking for a greek font which could be used together with lubalin graph (regular and book)
(i did not find a greek version of this font, but if there is one, it would be best of course to use it.)
maybe someone can help?

ps: sorry for the very profane thread topic =^.^=

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If I recall correctly, isn't there a foundry in Greece who does this sort of thing?

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The closer I know of is Geometric Slab Serif 712 from Bitstream.
You can find it here

George Triantafyllakos -

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thanks a lot for your help.
i used the font you recommended,
i had to do some adjustments, though,
in spacing, width, and even outlines.
i think the result is (not perfect but) o.k.

it is a business card btw, in normal size.

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Too many serifs.

Please read my article in the 2005 edition of the Greek journal "Hyphen".


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