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Here is a sketch of a typeface that I'm developing based on aspects of a trainyard.

metal parts

Any comments would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to stray away from a "techno" style font, but it kind of looks like one. This is my first font, so I'm learning the process.

1st draft.pdf (165.4 k)

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When I posted the digital version of the font it kept having server errors. It did not tell me it was posting; only that there was an internal server error. That explains all the posts with "error." Sorry about that.

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On the forum it must look like people are eating this typeface up. However, it's only a mistake, turned into a sad self-promoting debacle.

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Here is a final digital version of the typeface. I made it monospaced for a modular application. Let me know what you think.

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and we have a record :-)

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It evoques me a tech and doom world trainyard. Comments the parentesis are too short and the stem of the "I" is very weak, move the thin parts to the arms.

Oh, and by the way, congratulations for your new typophile error post record.

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Thanks Tiffany. It was quite the ride.

Hector, thanks for your comments. The "I" has been causing me lots of poblems. The problem with putting a heavier stem is that the letter looks a lot heavier and darker than the rest. I do agree with you though. It's a letter I'm going to keep working on.

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After a careful look in the fine detail of this font, one can only imagine how much time and research went into understanding train yards. This is truly a great font. May the train community embrace it and hold it close to their hearts.

Your hobo friend

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right on! train fonts rule, I love all train fonts, every train font ever made.

But seriously, I enjoy it bunches of oats.


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No need to worry ... I'll clean it up...


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