Bitmap font editor choices?

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I notice a lot of folks here are designing lots of bitmap fonts. Other than BitFonter and Fontastic, what bitmap font editors are out there? What do you use for the Flash bitmap fonts?

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Fontographer is the tool for Flash fonts, but if you only need a quick font editor try the NFNT Font Editor (Mac only)

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try fontstudio for mac

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John, Flash does not support bitmap fonts, unfortunately. You have to use lo-fi outlines, tuned to specific PPEMs.

Fontastic and FontStudio work, but are hard to find. There's a nice UNIX utility, called XBDF, I think. And I think I once saw some funky online utility for making bitmap fonts. But why not just use Fontographer? It can export MacOS suitcases (do those still work?) as well as BDFs which can be embedded in Windows TT fonts using SBIT.


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