Three Gill-ish Monolines

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Attached are three pdfs. Each is a sample cluster of words for three monoline variations on Gill Sans. These are inspired by Gill's serif faces but not meant to be sans versions of his serif faces. Instead, they're meant to be subtle variations on the classic Gill Sans – each with a bit different personality. One is a bit insular, staccato, plain. Two has more open counters and curves, and is hopefully more lyrical. Three is more robust, swaggering.

Please feel free to weigh in with your opinions. Enjoy! And thank you!

Gill one.pdf183.36 KB
Gill two.pdf184.6 KB
Gill three.pdf184.7 KB
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Your font seems to be nice, I'm wondering how it will look like if you bold it, this method can help you to take decisions between your 3 propositions.

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I love the 'f' in number one. All of these are very nice. Not sure if I like the 'a' in number two, but it could just be that it's the furthest from Gill Sans. Overall, number one is my favourite, followed by three then two.

- Lex

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Lex, Kuroneko – thanks for your feedback.

The 'a' in number two was inspired by the 'a' in Gill's Perpetua. It has a lot of curl to it.

And, yes, I'm working on bolds. I have sets drawn, but I'm not completely happy with them yet.

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...sorry... was trying to upload a medium face, but having technical difficulties...

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