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Our firm (an interpretive exhibits design/fab company) is redesigning our identity system, and since I'm the resident typophile I came up with this for our logotype. Or would it be called a wordmark? Anyway, It's set in Legacy Sans Ultra, but with modifications -- obviously the R (which I thought was a little too leggy), but more subtle changes to O and the width of the glyphs.

The jpeg shows before and after. The PDF is for anyone who wants to zoom in close and point out flaws that I should fix before we commit to using it. Any comments and suggestions for improvement would be appreciated!

FORMATIONS_vector.pdf9.1 KB
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The leg of your modified _R_ seems too be lacking in weight compared to the weight of other down strokes.

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I would agree that the new R is a little too light. Overall I like the typeface, and the spacing you've chosen.
I don't know much about your biz, but it seems to me that this logo may be a little too customary. Have you thought about implying some subtle motion or progress, perhaps by setting the type on a curve, or distorting the characters. After all, the name is formations...but I don't see anything being formed.

See this link: http://delaneygroup.com/quilt/about.html

They've got a great logo.

Please do me a favor...I need some critique too - mine's posted in the forum.


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We're keeping the logo simple but in most applications it will be accompanied by various full-color textures which relate to the type of projects we do (educational museums, natural history, cultural history, visitor centers etc).

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