Next Typophile Contest Idea

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Ok guys, the first thing that i tought when i saw the posts of the tee contest is ...

Maybe we need a contest of type design, here in Typophile, why not?

The designs in the critique section are in a highest level, enough to take people like Pyrus on the prizes (Fontlab, Bitfonter..), & Myfonts with a nice contract..

I Wanna win, dont you ;) ?

Miguel H.

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It´s a fact. T-26, Thirstype, PsyOps, FontFont, the list is great but, how can we start this kind of Idea? The most creative future typographers are outhere, the prizes are an important think, for me is not easy to imagine a contest who shows the typophile spirit, there are many experimental fonts under construction here, and many categories, the chance to win is too atractive to any typophiler if ...happens !

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Sure. But MyFonts already has a decent standardized
contract across the board without winning any contest.

How about Fountain or PsyOps?

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