Saturday Night Fever movie logo

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I've been asked to create a parody of the classic Saturday Night Fever poster - any tips on a typeface that would make a good foundation for the logo?

Thank so much!!

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How bout Digital Disco

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I need to recreate the type exactly. I realize that I'm going to have to modify some of the letterforms manually, but wondering if there's anything I can start with that has any of the unique character of the original.


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Stuff like this was done by an airbrush artist ... all by hand. You'll be lucky to approximate it.

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How long does the word(s) need to be? There is plenty of reference to go from . . . I'm not so good with the flashy bevels but I could help with the glyphs if you want to drop an e-mail diner (at) fontdiner (dot) com

Stuart :D

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