Font Suggestions Please!

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I've got a word logo I'm working on and I simply cannot find a font that suits it.

Have a look at the attached graphic and send any suggestions my way please! I've searched everywhere I can think of, to no avail!


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Chalet from House immediately came to mind, though I don't know why.

- Lex

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How about Rian Hughes' similarly-named Popgod?

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Roto - I believe this is already set in Popgod with a reversed 'W'.

Tyler - Are you looking for something to compliment this logo, or something to replace Popgod? Who is the company? Who is its audience? More info please!

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Lex, thank you for your tip! I'm looking into Chalet now. London 1970 might work, but I have to figure out how to get a typeset sample.

Stephen, you are on the money, as always. I really like Popgod for its funkiness, but for my word, Poptwin, the letterforms clash.

So, yes, I am looking for a replacement for the entire logo. I'm starting to think that a custom design is the only real solution here.


Poptwin is media-driven online meetingplace, and represents one of the new projects I'm putting together now for my new venture, Plastic Trophy.

Target ages: 16-35 with runoff into 45; which is what makes the branding tricky; I want it to be a little cliche, but not without sophistication. Something for the clubbers and the boosters as well.

I'm thinking something like Bomb magazine, but with the edge toned down.

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How about another Hughes face: Paralucent

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Yes, I've looked at this face before. It's an interesting combination of sophistication and funky, no?

I really like it on its own merit, but don't think it's right for my project. In fact, I haven't seen any face that suits me when set in upper/lower case.

So I've focused my efforts on an all-caps solution.


Regardless, I really appreciate your help Stephen!

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Are you sure? All caps makes for a tough TW pair.

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Yes, you are absolutely right. I just haven't found a lowercase set yet that was *pop* enough for me.

Maybe what I ought to do is double back and begin my search again just focusing on the lc version of the word.

The closest I've come to finding a lc set that felt right was Omnes Black Italic at the Village. I l-o-v-e that family of faces, and while the word looks great to me, and looks *popish* as well, it has a bit too much motion in it, me thinks.

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