Triline geometric sans on Pulp "Intro" CD packaging

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Hello again.
Does anybody have a clue what font this might be? "Pump Triline" is currently the one I've found most similiar, though they still differ quite a lot.
Oh, and here's a [better] picture of the font with all sorts of letters and symbols.

Thanks in advance!

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Linotype’s Mexico Olympic by Lance Wyman et al. I guess – I have a sample in my 1989 Linotype Collection handbook – I’m sure a digitised version is out there under some other name.

There’s a really anaemic attempt at it called Mexcellent by Larabie Fonts available for free download.

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Great, Mexcellent will do just fine! Thank you very much!

[Still, if anyone knows about a digitised Mexico Olympic, don't be shy. :)]

Once again; thanks!

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Not the Olympic but Goal has the style.

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Hm, yes, even though the original and Mexcellent aren't 'shut in' like that one, in lack of a better term, heh. And the letters 'L', 'N' along with the '5' slightly differ from the original.
I'll definitely be checking it out further, though. Thanks! :D

So, I guess there's no digital alternative but those two?

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Trisect is a more modern, but well designed, alternative.

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You might like Goal as well.

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