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Good morning together!

I am new in type. Somehow I found this great forum.

I am working on a logo for non-profit/charitable organization. Eventually I want to use Neutraface. The family is $249 – pretty much for my uncompensated project.

Do you know a way out? Is there a similar free font? Would House Industries probably give me a great discount (I do not need the whole family, it is for charity, it is only used in one single logo)?

Thank you for your help!

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Why not send House Industries an email and see what they say?

Nick Cooke

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Hi Nick Cooke,
Yes, I'll sent them an email. I thought maybe someone has similar experiences, so I was be informed before trying it out. Anyone? Do foundries sometimes give discounts or sell a single cut, which is not available on their website?
Thanks so far!

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If you just need certain letters/characters of a single cut, why not just ask someone to typeset those letters for you, convert them to paths, and send you an .EPS file? I'm sure that someone could work out a reasonable price, or it's a charity/pro-bono job, maybe they could just donate their time as you are.

In the olden days, when you ordered type, you just got a page with the type you asked for, and then cut it up, enlarged it, etc as needed.

You might also try scanning from one of their catalogs, but you probably won't get a clean enough image to work with.

Sean Glenn
Art Director

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How are using the face? All caps, upper- and lower-case?

For all caps, there are a number of fonts that have a similar geometric/Art Deco construction--for some reason, Mostra and Penumbra Sans spring to mind.

For upper and lower-case, Avenir and Futura are affordable options that are sold in single weights for around $30.

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Thanks for all your answers.

adnix: I'll use eight letters, all lower case: a f h m n o r u
I had a deeper look on Futura Book Oblique, although it is not similar to Neutraface, I think it is fitting, too. It is 26$, so I am fine with that.

seanglenn: As written above I found a solution thanks to the help of all of you. But in general I am curios about your suggestion: Am I allowed to use them, only because they are converted into a path? Or is it, that then the license is paid by the person sending me the path and therefor it is legal.

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