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Hi everybody,

I have two Mac the first one is a G4 OS X.4.9 and the second one for my back up and for securiti, is a old G3 whit OS X.2.8 he can't run higher.

I have fontexplorer in my G4 but would like to install fontx in my old one, but the version online is for OS X 3.9 or later, do you have a idea if I can find fontx for OS X .2.8


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there is no version for OS 10.2.8 try to use Extensis Suitcase

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You're goning to have problems with any "current" font-management software release. Because font handling is one of the core functions of the operating system, it tends to get "fixed" or changed with every major update, if only a little. Font-management utilities (Extensis' Suitcase/FontReserve/Fusion, Lintoype's FontExplorer, Insider Software's FontAgent Pro) all use hooks built into the system to "fool" it into thinking the fonts they manage are installed in a "legal" location, and generally intercept calls for fonts made by applications so they can "auto-open" those fonts that are not currently active. All this tends to change with new OS releases.

You're likely going to have to find an "older" version of one of these utilities, released when OS 10.2 was current. Most software I use/have installed will not guarantee proper operation under less than OS 10.3.x (Tiger); I know that I forced my co-workers to upgrade to 10.3 partly because font-handling was so problematic under 10.2.x.

On a personal note, I'd stay away from Extensis -- tech support is notoriously hideous, and their updates are VERY slow in coming... I suspect they got WAY too big for their britches after aquiring so many applications over the years. I'd recommend FontAgent Pro (but unfortunately, it's current version does not support 10.2).

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Thanks for the comment.

Actually the old one (G3) is whit suitcase, the goal was to have two similary system in case of the G4 get sick and have to go to they hospital -LOL-

Thanks again

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Which old G3 is it? I've got a Blue & White G3 tower (400mhz) on which I've successfully run 10.4 (Tiger).

(Scott--10.3 was Panther.)

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bump, using suitcase but eh, figured I'd give fontexplorer x a try. Question- Does anyone know how to change the Designer, Manufacturer, etc.? The only thing I can seem to change is the comment. Please tell me I can. thanks.

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Since you guys are on the subject. Does anybody know where I can get the old (and free) version of the Linotype FontExplorer for windows?

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eh, even though this is fontexplorer - i guess one of the reasons i am trying it out is because I can't seem to do the same thing in suitcase - so...anyone? For example, if I right click the menu that allows how to view the fonts in extensis - I get Type, Foundry, Class, etc....How can I change the Foundry, Class, etc? The only thing I can seem to change is the name of the font.

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Bikkk: FontExplorer. It only shows the information, and you are not supposed to change it. The items you list are all inside the font file, and FontExplorer just displays them.

I would guess you can't really change the name either -- perhaps you are changing the file name.

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But somehow this was entered into the file then? Sort of like an ID3 tag on an MP3- Where I can change the name in my itunes of an artist name but embedded into it is an actual ID3 tagging going on.
So how was this information embedded into the files? i.e.- If I drag say a House Industries font over and the Foundry is listed as House Industries OR it is listed as nothing at all- somehow House Industries was entered into this font. So how do I do it?

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MP3 is designed to have an arbitrary number of tags "tacked on" to the end. Font files are usually a bit more complicated -- see for where foundry information and such is stored.

The name table itself, and also the entire font file, are checksum-protected against modification. So you would need a full OTF (TTF) editor just to change the info; and modifying font files is usually against the EULA.

If I drag say a House Industries font over and the Foundry is listed as House Industries OR it is listed as nothing at all..

It depends on what House Industries entered into the field "Manufacturer Name" (for example -- there are a few more possibilities, I think). If they didn't enter their name, FontExplorer won't know what to display for "Manufacturer".

Are you thinking of adding your own tags to fonts? FontExplorer can use your own custom classification:

Classification – The new classification feature allows users to “tag” their fonts by freely configurable criteria. Additionally it can be used to automatically set classification by receiving this data from the Linotype Server. The automatic classification is available for all fonts that have such an entry in the Linotype database. (

but this extra information is (presumably, but extremely likely) stored 'outside' the actual font, and it does not modifies the real font file.

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thanks for your information theunis.
So right clicking on the font in FontExplorerX and choosing Classify Fonts will then allow you to "classify" by Theme, Usage and Category. Not Bad, again thanks for the information - It's more than I got from contacting the makers directly!
Still not sure how I will organize though as I am pretty anal and some of my fonts are missing Foundry name, etc...
But thanks for your info. I also opened up FontLab to see if I could rename, but doesn't look like it. I'm sure there is some sort of software out there that will but as for FontExplorer and Suitcase for that matter I think you summed up the extent to what you can do.

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Why not just use folders?


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That's how i have it now, but i would be nice just to have them all in one folder and be able to just click Foundry, Style, Designer, etc. from the menu....anyway, heard back from Fontexporer. They stated it is impossible to change as it is "illegal".
Well - folders it is !

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That's ludicrous. I just don't accept that proper automatic classification could be "illegal". Perhaps it would take a little extra legwork to do it properly and without ruffling any feathers at the foundry/designer or vendor offices. So do the work, Linotype. And while you're at it, how about designing some passable icons, creating some custom interface elements, and basically making your application less of an eyesore?

If I hadn't invested so much time in categorizing my fonts in Fontexplorer MANUALLY, I'd probably have switched to Fontcase already.

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