Kinescope and Snicker Just Released by Mark Simonson at Font Bros!

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Font Bros is proud to announce the release of two new display fonts by the talented Mark Simonson : Kinescope and Snicker. Both fonts were inspired by hand-lettered titles in the old Fleischer Brothers’ animated Superman cartoons from the 1940s.

Kinescope uses advanced OpenType magic to choose the most pleasing character shapes as you type and features extended language support. (An application with advanced OpenType support required for the magic stuff.) To find out more, check out the Kinescope User Guide (1.6mb PDF).

Advanced OpenType support is not required by Snicker, but it has some tricks up its sleeve, including case-sensitive punctuation, automatic fractions, and extended language support. To find out more, check out the Snicker User Guide (1.2mb PDF).

For the first month, Kinescope and Snicker will be available as low as $29 each exclusively from Font Bros. Follow these links for more details:

Check out Kinescope at Font Bros


Check out Snicker at Font Bros

Also, we invite you to visit our Free Fonts section which as been updated with two great new fonts, The King and Queen by Fractal Eye and Disko by Blue Vinyl.

See you there!

Mike & Stuart (the Font Bros)

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yay! congrats to all involved. i love these types, Mark, and i'm glad you finally had time to finish them. hope they sell like hotcakes.

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Thanks, Paul. These have been kicking around on my drawing board for way too long. I showed early versions of both to a few people at TypeCon2004 in San Francisco.

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Mark, I'm a fan of your faces. I'm excited for you. I'm going to show Kinescope to my boss, see if he's interested in getting it. It'd be perfect for a few of our projects.

Miss Tiffany's picture

Oh Snap*! Those are gorgeous.

*I've resisted using this silly phrase for too long. I'm going to use it whether you laugh at me or not. :^P

TBiddy's picture

Fo' shizzle! More nice tizzles from Mizzle Sizzle. Congrizzle! (Want to try this gratuitous display on, Tiff?) ;)

William Berkson's picture

Wow. I'm impressed by how natural and 'organic' the open type contextual alternates work in the examples of Kinescope. I like the feeling of Snicker best though. It has a lovely happy-go-lucky feel, but with an underlying discipline. Congratulations!

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Yep. That's what I was after. The only characters I had any models for (from the Superman titles) were the caps and numbers, but it was fun to come up with a lowercase to go with it and not as hard as I would have thought. At some point I could see adding some other weights. It doesn't look bad in text.

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Wow. Beautiful and useful stuff.

david h's picture

Good one!

> Mark, I’m a fan of your faces.

how many faces do you have? :)

Norbert Florendo's picture

Congrats, Mark!
Wonderful faces... the best reminiscence of feeling without going "retro".

dave bailey's picture

Stellar work as usual, Mark! Congrats!

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