Fixing the Server 500 Errors

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We're tinkering under the hood, in yet another attempt to kill the Server 500 messages. If you're seeing this error today while posting, please let us know: (Alternately, if you normally see 500s and are not anymore, also let us know. )

We've tried unsuccessfully in the past to correct this problem. I have high hopes this time. Success or not, we're absolutely committed to correcting this error, even if it means reinstalling the board from scratch.

Those of you who use email notification will notice a slightly different template; we've reverted to an older version without our mods with the goal of troubleshooting the problem. You can still find the link to the thread at the bottom of the email. We'll add the link back to the top once we've isolated the bug.




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Oh! I like the new HTMLed emails which show the formating of
the post as you would see it at on the actual site. Great!

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Ok, when posting that I did not get an error, but I did get a
Safari warning that the "address could not be reached after
attempting for 60 seconds." The post did succeed anyway.

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Ditto here. The first time I used Safari I quadruple-posted
because of that. D'oh! And I totally agree with my esteemed
colleague regarding the appearance of the HTMLed e-mails.

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What's this about html mail?

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Yeah. I got the same safari error with that last one. I hit okay but then was sent to the naughty administrator page. So, I hit the back button and refreshed ... et voila ... my post was there.

and it happened again on this post. the below is what I mean by "naughty administrator page" ...

Form Referer Not Found. Found form variables were:

This indicates a problem with the board skin. Please report this to the board administrator.

Please contact Forums Support if this problem persists.

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I hit okay but then was sent to the naughty administrator page.

Oooh soundz kinky! Where is that? I wanna go there too!

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FYI, I'm still constantly getting Internal Server Errors when trying to post.

And, speaking of HTML, why is there a ENABLE HTML CODE IN MESSAGE check box when I appear unable to actually use HTML in a post? I think it has to do with that 'special' markup these forums use, right? If so, I'd rename that option so folks don't assume HTML will work.

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