New FontBook... when???

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What's the word on the street as to when FontShop will release an updated edition of its 1998 FontBook? It's out of print.

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great news Stephen. Thanks for the posting.
Would you expect it before the end of the year of is this a project that can take two or three years to do?

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So when is Apple updating FontBook?


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I've been waiting for that one a loooooong time. I've got no idea.

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I am pleased to bear this news: FontShop is indeed releasing a
new edition of the FontBook. Production is currently underway
but a release date is not yet confirmed.

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My understanding is that it's more of a "within the year" thing
than a "coming before the decade's up" thing.

It does take two or three years to complete, but production
has been underway for a while now.

By the way, the new book is not merely an update to the last
edition. The content has shifted radically with new releases and
licensing changes so there is a lot of new work to do.

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Hehe. Apple's software is "Font Book" (with a space). I share your
interest in an update, but that discussion deserves its own thread.

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