2 jobs at media magazine based in Montreal - Assistant Art Director and Graphic Designer

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I don't know if this is the right place for a job listing but since it's feasible that there are art director types hanging out here, I thought that any responses would be from the kind of people I'm looking for (I'm the art director).

We are a well-known International publishing company looking for two full-time people with at least 3 years experience designing for magazines (this is in the field, not in school) for a media magazine redesign. You should have an expert knowledge of Indesign CS2 and be competent with Photoshop, Illustrator and Mac OS X. You should have expert typographic skills and a know how to create compelling page layouts while maintaining a strict and often tight schedule.

As mentioned, there are two positions:
Assistant Art Director
Graphic Designer

Bilingual a plus for the designer position, essential for the AD.

Salary is attractive and both jobs have benefits.

Edit: I'm an idiot - here's my contact email: dgirard at spafax.com

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I should have mentioned that this position would require the person live in the city since it's a monthly and during production, it's full-on madness.

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I assume candidates must be Canadian citizens?

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Would you pay relocation from Calgary? ;-)

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Candidates would have to be permanent residents at least (our Photo Editor is a French expat with perm res status). Well Spafax definitely hires people from anywhere in Canada (and they do often) but you'll have to see if Air Canada will let you take your TV and couch onto the flight :P

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I know your last post was in April but are you still looking for a Graphic Designer? =)

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